The Awaybot

The initial release of the awaybot is up on sourceforge. You can get it by clikcing here to get If you have comments or problems, please put them in the sourceforge project page .

Quick description of what awaybot does:

awaybot takes over your AIM session and is intended for use when you either are away (and hence the name) or don't want to be bothered. awaybot allows you to do the following:

  • Create individualized away messages for each user or group
  • Sends the custom message once to the specificied person when they send you a message. They can then type messages to you without getting that annoying AOL away response for each message.
  • Creates a log file for each user who sends messages to you with their messages in it
  • Keeps a log of all signon/signoff/away activity for users on your buddy list
  • Sends a message you choose when that buddy logs on.

    Does a bunch more, but those are some highlights. Written in Perl. Uses Net::Oscar and I want to thank the author for the package. It is great.

    Last updated: 5/25/2003 Logo